Play Mat, 24 Inch Cushion, Quilt (Incl. shipping)

This ultra padded luxury baby play mat is 95cm in diameter. It features our own Hot Air Balloon watercolour designs!


It is made out of high quality 100% certified soft cotton with ultra-thick padding and wadding inside and around the edge to protect your little ones and is perfect for a book corner or in a tee pee!. (It has the padding equivalent of an entire duvet in the centre alone, so perfect for hard floors) 


Can be used for all ages and used to keep playing on as they get older. 


The centre has 7cm of good quality padding, while the edge rim has 12cm to provide a safe and contained environment for baby to lie, roll or move about in.


The outer fabric casing can be easily unzipped and removed for washing at 30degrees. 


Play Mat, 24 Inch Cushion, Quilt (Incl. shipping)